EDGE Bin Scale

EDGE Bin Scale


Smart Monitoring in Real-Time

Monitor feed usage, track feed levels, and receive automatic notifications from the EDGE Bin Scale system. Its cloud-based architecture allows remote connections via any web-enabled device, giving you the ability to analyze data in real-time and respond quickly to any issue.

Key Features

Automatic low-feed notifications
180 day history on the controller
Real-Time Remote Capability


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User-Friendly Interface

Quick and easy setup via a simple, user-friendly interface.

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Easily Monitor and Organize

Organize tanks into familiar groups to easily monitor feed inventory and consumption.

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Real-Time Remote Access

Plug in the EDGE bin scale and take control of the system from anywhere. Its cloud-based architecture allows remote connections via any web-enabled device to monitor and analyze data in real-time or quickly respond to any issues.

Load Cell Options

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Durable Load Cell Assembly

The rugged load cell assemblies are specifically designed for the harsh environment of a poultry facility and adapt easily to most feed bins utilizing the existing anchor bolts. Two models of load cells are available; a standard unit for up to 5,000 lbs. (2,250 kg.) per bin leg and a high capacity model rated at up to 10,000 lbs. (4,500kg.) per bin leg. The compact design of the load cell assemblies only increases the overall height of the feed bin by approximately three inches (8 cm).