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Feed Delivery and Storage

Product Lineup

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Bulk Feed Tanks

Cumberland's Bulk Feed Tanks are made from the finest raw materials available. Every stage of the forming process, from corrugation to die-cut shaping to precision finishing, is done under one roof and under our direct control and supervision.
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Cumberland's Flex-Flo™ Auger System cleanly and efficiently distributes feed to the feeders. Whether it’s ground feed, crumble feed, mash, high moisture corn, shelled corn or pellets, the five Flex-Flo™ models, with capacities ranging from 15 lbs./minute to 220 lbs./minute, are designed to meet your specific needs.

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The Integra Feed-Link™ System from Cumberland provides a cost-effective method of monitoring and managing on-site feed inventory either at the site or from a remote location. Feed-Link™ can be easily adapted to new or existing facilities to provide accurate real-time data regarding feed inventory levels and feed consumption.
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EDGE Bin Scale

Monitor feed usage, track feed levels and automatically e-mail the feed mill when bins are getting low with the EDGE Bin Scale.

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Mechanical Weighing Systems

Cumberland has three weighing options for Pullet and Breeder applications, for accurate weighing and feed management.

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Flow Hammer

Feed bridging can cause interruptions in feeding sessions resulting in feed quality issues and requiring time consuming corrective measures. The Flow Hammer is a reliable and affordable way to keep feed flowing consistently to your birds. This patent pending product easily adapts to most existing feed bins for reliable and consistent first in, first out feed flow.