AV2 Series Heaters

AV2 Series Radiant Tube Brooder


Distribute Heat More Uniformly

AV2 Series heaters create an even comfort zone by using separate upper and lower tube temperatures and a series of reflectors to distribute heat uniformly throughout the building.

key features

Minimal assembly required
No exposed flame
Low pressure system


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Single or Dual Stage

AV2 Series heaters are available with either Single or Dual Stage Technology. The single stage unit delivers up to 80,000 BTU’s, while dual stage heaters deliver 50,000 – 80,000 BTU’s. A fresh air intake kit is standard on either unit to pull fresh air from the attic.

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No Exposed Flame

The electronics and burner system on the AV Series Tube Brooder are totally enclosed so the flame is not affected by air flow or the environment.
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Low Pressure System

The low pressure system eliminates the need for any high pressure gas lines inside the house.
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Aluminum Reflectors

Polished aluminum reflectors provide uniform heat distribution.
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Easy to Maintain

Easily access key components through an end service panel without having to remove the heater from suspension chains.


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Fresh Air Duct

Duct fresh air to the unit to ensure clean combustion and reduce maintenance.
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Direct Vent

It is possible to set up your AV2 Series Tube Brooder as direct vent.