EDGE® 2 Controller

The Next Generation of Controls


Simplify management of your complex operation.

EDGE® is a single platform that handles all control applications including breeding, gestation, farrowing, nursery and finishing. Its unique design makes EDGE the only controller on the market that can be configured to match your operation’s specific requirements and is flexible enough to be adapted to new or existing systems.

Key Features

15" Touch Screen
Remote Access
Uninterrupted Operation
By-Pass Mode


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Functions like a smart phone

The large 15-inch screen offers more vibrant display graphics and screen resolution and has been simplified and takes fewer “clicks” to get to a desired function. Multi-touch functions – scroll and swipe – similar to a smart phone offer enhanced navigation.

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Improved Connectivity Saves Time

Connect to a Wi-Fi signal without the need for additional hardware. This eliminates the need for a direct connection using an Ethernet cable. If internet access is not available a 4G/5G modem can be attached to the controller via a USB port.

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Uninterrupted Operation

In case of a main or redundant controller failure, the expansion boxes keep the barn systems working and the animals safe. If an expansion box loses power, the failsafe relays will engage.

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One Controller Is All You Need

Control multiple building or rooms from a single EDGE 2 controller. This helps reduce management complexity and considerable cost savings eliminating the need to have a separate controller in each building or location.

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Connect when you're on the go

EDGE 2 allows the user to connect to the controller 24/7 via any web-enabled device to monitor and analyze data in near real-time or to quickly respond to issues. This gives you the freedom to leave the farm and know you are only one touch or click away. Notifications are delivered via text message or email.

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By-Pass Mode with the Push of a Button

Scenario mode allows a group of functions, such as fans, inlets and lights, to be temporarily reset by operators using a “virtual” switch without having to reprogram the controller. Scenario mode can be engaged simply by using a physical push button that activates predefined settings for a specific situation.

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Eight Program Settings

Automate tasks with up to eight different equipment program settings customized to your predetermined production process. Every time a new production cycle begins, the operator can select a corresponding program and the equipment will operate using the new predetermined setting helping to save time.

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Service & Support

We’re your team, working alongside you to help with the installation and programming of EDGE 2, as well as provide after the sale support and technical service. We’re only a phone call away.

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Multi-Language Support

EDGE 2 supports all major languages for the region in which it is installed so you can customize for global operations and is ideal for integrators and multi-national corporations.

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Multi-Region Certificates

EDGE 2 has the appropriate certifications for the regions in which it is sold so it can be deployed in all markets. For North America, EDGE is UL/CSA certified, and in the European Union, it is CE-approved.


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EDGE® Bin Scale

Monitor feed usage, track feed levels and automatically e-mail the feed mill when bins are getting low with the EDGE® Bin Scale.

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GSIEDGE.com is your portal to the most advanced animal production data management system available. Monitor and manage all aspects of the production process including ventilation, feed inventory and consumption, cooling, heating, lighting, animal weight and watering. GSIEDGE.com keeps you informed with real-time site information, utilizing easy-to-read graphics and reports to quickly identify issues and optimize your farm’s performance. GSIEDGE.com is cloud-based and accessible from any Internet-connected web browser.

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Remote Display

Optional remote display boxes give producers the ability to view and modify control settings from any location, regardless of main controller's location.

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Plug-In Modules

Similar to the input/output expansion slots in a computer, plug-in modules serve different functions, allowing you to customize the system based on your specific configuration. As you expand, or new technologies and applications are introduced, add new modules to reflect new functionality allowing you to integrate a wide variety of components into a single, efficient system.

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Manual Switch Boxes

Manual bypass switch boxes are available to use with the EDGE control system. Manually bypass different outputs from the EDGE control system with either 4 or 6 Auto/Off/On outputs to allow manual control of fans, lights, heaters, and more. Each switch is rated at 10 amp maximum output.